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Welcome to Gyandeep Public School, Bhatauli, Ibrahimpur, Azamgarh

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Our Mantra

Let's enlighten Gyandeep Public School students through better education so that they can contribute more effectively to India's future.

Best Services

Dedicated to Excellence: Primary Education Priority

Our school is committed to helping students learn positively for success in elementary school. We believe in considering students' unique learning styles when planning lessons.

Class Room

Comfortable rooms conducive to effective teaching and learning.


Reliable transport ensuring safe journeys to and from school.


A vibrant space promoting physical activity and recreation.

Healthy Environment

Creating a supportive atmosphere for overall well-being.

About Us

Exceptional Learning Experience

Gyandeep Public School: With 7+ years of excellence, we offer the best services, facilities, and a superior learning environment. Your top choice for quality education.

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Celebrate the Advantages

Join us for top-notch education, caring staff, and a nurturing environment where every child thrives.

Where Learning Meets Fun: Explore, Create, Grow Together.

Ensuring Safe Spaces for Every Child to Flourish.

A Welcoming Atmosphere Where Every Child Feels at Home.

Engaging and Enriching Learning Experiences All Day Long.

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Believe, achieve, succeed. Tomorrow's leaders start learning today.

Gyandeep Public School, Bhatauli, Ibrahimpur, Azagarh

Our School Life

Capturing Moments: Explore Our School Events Gallery

Our Best Teachers

Our teachers are well-educated with years of experience. They strive to make lessons interesting and educational, providing children with essential knowledge and social skills for their future.

Management Speaks

Principal (Mr. Santosh Sharma)

"We would not leave any stone unturned to reach our goal for perfection the field of education."

Manager (Mr. Satyaprakash Sharma)

"We are committed to providing an outstanding education and will work tirelessly to help every student succeed."

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Aryan Vishwakarma


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