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About Us

Founded in 2017, Gyandeep Public School is dedicated to offering education of the highest quality, with a strong emphasis on moral development. Through our unwavering commitment to innovative teaching methods and the preservation of school values, we have established ourselves as a leading educational institution. Our vision is to provide our students with access to state-of-the-art facilities, empowering them to excel and compete globally in the ever-evolving landscape of education.

Gyandeep Public School, Bhatauli, Ibrahimpur, Azagarh

Aims & Objective

Vision and Goals for School Development

We aim to develop in the child academic knowledge and skills along with the essential ingredients of entrepreneurial attitude and orientation.

Our Message

Inspiring Minds, Shaping Futures

Gyandeep Public School is a beacon of hope for parents, dedicated to nurturing the holistic growth of children and preparing them for a bright future. We embrace modernization and acknowledge that there’s always room for improvement, committing ourselves to continuous learning and growth.

Our school is a dream institution that caters to the needs of the new generation, who are the future leaders of tomorrow. With the slogan “Develop a Bright Future” we are determined to leave no stone unturned in striving for excellence in education.

Wishing you all the best for a bright and successful future ahead.

Mr. Satyaprakash Sharma


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